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1964 GT40
1964 GT40 at Le Mans

1965 GT40 at Le Mans

1966 GT40 at Le Mans

1967 GT40 at Le Mans

1968 Lemans
1968 GT40 at Le Mans

Gulf Ford GT40
1969 GT40 at Le Mans

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The Legend of Le Mans

Since 1960, Henry Ford II wanted to have a Ford race at Le Mans.  After dealings with Ferrari fell through, Ford decided to produce his own car and began negotiations with Lola Cars manager Eric Broadley.  The agreement between the two called for a yearlong collaboration that included the sale of two Lola MK 6 chassis to Ford.  Soon after Ford hired ex-Aston Martin team manager John Wyer to work with Ford Motor Co. engineer Roy Lunn on what was to become the Ford GT. 

The original GT40 and MK1, designed by Lunn, was prepared at the specially established, Ford Advanced Vehicles in the UK.  Abbey Panels constructed the advanced monocoque chassis and the drive train finally chosen was the 289 Ford V8 mated to a Coletti transaxle.  During the GT40’s racing history a variety of Ford engines and even a ZF transaxle were used.   

The Ford GT made its debut at Nurburgring in May 1964 and followed up the appearance with 24 Hours of Le Mans.  The cars failed to finish both races – a devastating blow to Team Ford.  Although they were not successful at LeMans in 64 or 65, their obvious potential led Ford to continue racing them and in 1966 Ford and the MKII made American racing history with a dominating one, two, and three finish over Ferrari at Le Mans. 

The cars prepared for the 1966 Le Mans win  were the American developed MK11’s which were fitted with the 427 cu ins FE motor and Ford built T44 transaxle.

After Ford stopped racing privateer teams continued racing and winning with GT 40’s all over the world including two more LeMans events in 1998 and 1999.


The GT 40 has won more prestigious race events than any other model road-race car in history.


John Sadler, director for Safir GT40 Spares comments that, “Superformance and Hi-Tech have a strong record and reputation for building high quality and high performance versions of mid-sixties classics.  The professionalism of Superformance has been an asset in structuring the agreement, consistent with enhancing the GT40 image, and assigning the licensed mark and identification to this exciting new series.  The registry will reflect these cars as newly manufactured variants of the original GT40.  In essence, a true continuation series.”

Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance adds, “The Superformance team is very pleased with the strong endorsement and support we have received from Safir GT40 Spares, and look forward to a long relationship.  The serial identification and registry process that Safir will bring to the MKI and MKII continuation provide the type of authentication that this re-creation of the GT40 legend and its customers deserve.”

The MKI and MKII continuation collectable, versions of the legendary 1966 Le Mans GT40 are now available from Superformance LLC and are licensed by Safir GT40 Spares to carry the “GT40 P 2XXX” chassis plate.

Ford World Headquarters with designer Camilo Pardo designer of the new GT.

Safir GT40 Spares Ltd.

Safir GT40 Spares owner of the famous GT40 trademark based in Cincinnati Ohio is owned and operated by the three partners John Sadler, Brady Pack, and Bob Wood who all own original GT 40 road cars.

A task that many would envy involves working with GT40 owners from all over the world and supplying them with technical information as well as parts for vehicles that in many cases are over forty years old.

It has been quite a ride for the three partners as their responsibilities have taken them to Ford World Headquarters in regards to the two GT40 labeled 2001 concept cars, required attendance at many historic races, development of parts no longer available for these cars and now working with Superformance Company on the continuation GT40 roller.


GT40  MK1/MKIII and FIA versions by Superformance:

The MKI and MKII are not kits.  They are a continuation of the original, authorized by the original holders of the GT40 trademark and are registry eligible.

A true legend in looks and performance, this is a street and track vehicle based on the original racecar concept, design, configuration and dimensions.  These exquisitely detailed cars have been built to the original specifications with over 90 percent of the parts interchangeable.  In addition, the race versions comply with the FIA Appendix K regulation.

Dimensions of both the MKI and MKII continuation series are true to the original.  The car is 163 inches long, 40 inches high and 70 inches wide.  The track front and rear are both 57 inches, the wheelbase is 95 inches, and the fuel tank is 22.5 gallons.  The chassis is an exact replication of the original monococque unibody structure down to the press steel roof spider.  The only departure is the use of electro-galvanized sheet steel in the construction.  The chassis, at over 12,000 pounds per degree is stiffer than any other chassis on the market, and is made up of over 244 laser cut and bent or pressed parts.

The GT40 continuation series, MKI and MKII models are built around the original specifications and designs featuring the original racecar suspension layout, bundle of snakes exhaust, “Hartwell” door latches and catches, and original style seats with silver rivets.  The GT40 steering is Rack and Pinion with a removable steering wheel for easy access to the cockpit.  Automobile owners also have the luxury of modern safety modifications such as air conditioning, Wilwood super light brakes, Bilstein shocks with H& R springs, an adjustable pedal box, cross flow radiator, Smith Gauges on the instrument panel, the option for left or right handed drive and front glass side Lexan windows with vents.

Both models leave the factory as complete rolling chassis, complete in every way except for the engine, clutch, and transaxle.  The recommended power source is a specially prepared Roush engine with the new RBT/ZF style 5-speed transaxle but owners also have the option to fit a Ford-based 289, 302, or 351W small block or 427 big block (MKII only) engine.

An American racing icon is reborn and now it is your chance to own this collectible legend of Le Mans today by calling 1-800-297-6253 or visiting a dealer near you.

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